Why Byington

Byington has a long history of heat treatingIMG_8691large_final

Byington Steel Treating is a third generation, family owned company established in 1952. Since then, the company has been the leader of heat treating in the greater bay area for over 60 years. We continue to provide quality service to major industries including aerospace, automotive, defense, medical, and semiconductor. We have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in heat treating a wide array of metal alloys and parts, blades included! With this knowledge and experience, we have acquired the best equipment and heat treating practices to ensure that our customers get the results they need consistently, and in a timely manner.

Why Byington 2Experience with all things metal

There is a LONG list of materials that can be heat treated in a variety of ways, most of the materials being metal alloys. Over the years, Byington has seen a wide array of these different metals come in and out, such as carbon steels, high alloy steels, titanium alloys, aluminum alloys and each of these metals has their own unique set of characteristics and properties. We have seen and worked with it all, from air craft turbines and implants to throwing axes and bicycles. We understand how metal works and know what it takes to get the results you need.

Experience with BladesIMG_8956large_final

Each tool or part out there is designed to satisfy a specific purpose, requiring certain and characteristics and properties to do so. Blades are no exception, being used for a variety of tasks, such as chopping, hacking, slicing and puncturing. Each task requires the blade to have unique characteristics to optimize it for its tasks and to satisfy the needs and desires of the wielder. This not only means choosing the right material for the job, but also ensuring the correct heat treatment is performed on the blade. We have worked with multiple metals over the years, and we know the specific heat treatment that will give you the desired results for your blades.

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