General Hardening Packages – Pro Triple Temper $5 each after 31 blades


Flat fee of 155$ for the first 31 blades included in the pricing below.


The pro package involves all of the processes that help guarantee successful heat treatment. The process starts with heat treating blades in either a controlled atmosphere or vacuum furnace, according to material type, to minimize scale, oxide and decarb from high temperature treatment. Following the quench, blades are submerged into a controlled cryo environment to minimize retained austenite. Following cryo, blades are immediately triple tempered to desired hardness to ensure a uniform temper throughout the blade. Following the tempering process, straightening equipment is available to offset any warpage that may have occurred during heat treatment and processing. The process is finalized by testing up to 6 of the blades to the desired/appropriate scale of hardness and reported. The package also includes certification of the treatment process and certification of the hardness level on the appropriate scale.

Each package in your order must contain only one material unless you have contacted Byington Blades and received approval for a multi-material package order.

Please CLICK HERE if you would like approval for a multi-material package.

Shipping to us is the responsibility of the sender. The Shipping fee you are currently paying is for us to return your blades.

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